The Eternal Mumtaj Mahal

In 1593 Asaf Khan was blessed with a beautiful daughter named Arjumand Begum in Agra. Fabled for unrivalled beauty later she became the wife of the fifth Mughal Emperor Shahjahan. Mesmerized by her beauty at first sight he entitled her with the name of Mumtaz Mahal means ?beloved ornament of the palace? in Persian.

Love Blossoms :

The term "love at first sight" is apt for the communion of Emperor Shahjahan and Mumtaz Mahal. While strolling down the private market, Meena Bazaar he caught a glimpse of her beauty while she was shopping. His affection for her lead to proposing of marriage. He was married to Quandri Begum, a Persian Princess, for political reasons during the five years that he courted Mumtaz Mahal. Later they got married.

A Fairy Tale :

In 1612 an extravagant marriage united Prince Khurram (who was later entitled as ?Shahjahan? when he became the emperor in 1628) and Arjumand Bano (who was later entitled as ?Mumtaz Mahal?). The Khas Mahal in Agra is one of the beautfiul palaces that the emperor built for his beloved. Mumtaz Mahal was conferred by the Emperor with the highest honor of the land "The Royal Seal - Mehr Uzaz" due to his benevolence for her despite her being his third wife. A compassionate and generous woman, Mumtaz Mahal always intervened on behalf of petitioners.

The Four Promises :

Emperor Shahjahan's companion Mumtaz Mahal asked for four promises to the Emperor on her deathbed (on 17 June 1631) in Deccan where Emperor went to war with Khan Jahanb Lodi. The reason for her demise was the birth of their fourteenth child. The first and the foremost promise was that the emperor should build a monument dedicated to their love. The second promise was that he should marry again. The third promise was that he should be kind to their children. And the last one was that Shahjahan should visit the tomb on her death anniversay.

Love Immemorial :

In respect with the promises Emperor Shahjahan commenced the construction of the splendid beauty Taj Mahal in the year 1631. A temporary burial of Mumtaz Mahal happened at the Zainabadi garden in Burhnpur. Later the body of Mumtaz Mahal was exumed and brought to Agra for final burial after six months. Though the first promise and the burial were completed but the love between shahjahan and Mumtaz Mahal united their souls even beyond death. An immortalization of love is represented by Taj Mahal. Later The Emperor married again to comply the second promise. Even though the tale of "the four promises" is largely believed but there are certain individuals who staunchly believe that the grief stricken Emperor himself decided to build the Taj Mahal as a tribute to his beautiful wife Mumtaz Mahal.

The Taj :

The marble marvel better known as the "symbol of love" took 22 years to complete. It depicts the beauty of Mumtaz Mahal personified in this monument and masterpiece. More so it is a legendary story etched in striking white marble and has become an epitome of a man?s love for his beautiful wife.

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