Emperor Shah Jahan

On 5th January 1592 Emperor Jahangir and the Rajput Princess Manmati were blessed with a son named Khuram. He was destined to be the fifth ruler of the Mughal Dynasty. As a Prince he was known as Khuram but was later entitled with the name Shah Jahan, meaning ?lord of the world?.

The Ruthless Emperor :

Emperor Shah JahanThe ambition to win the succession led Prince Khuram to rebel against his father in 1622. Later he was forgiven and then he ascended the throne after his father?s demise in 1627. His reign began from 24 January 1628 in Agra and was relatively peaceful and prosperous due to the efforts of his elders mainly by his father and grandfather. He also killed all the male members of his family to ensure uninterrupted reign. His respect for other religions was minute since he wanted to glorify Islam. The Mughal Dynasty reached to its maximum during his rule.

A successful alliance with the Adilshahi Dynasty and the defeat of the Nizamshahi Kingdom fulfilled the ambition of Shah Jahan to expand his kingdom towards the south. While conquesting the northwest frontier of his empire he was unsuccessful to merge the regions of Kandhar, Balkh and Badakshan (in central Asia) into his kingdom. His extreme detest for human beings was evident through his conduct with them. Each individual to him was a mere comodity devoid of emotions and pain.

The Romantic Aspect :

Shah Jahan was a great patron of art and architecture. And Taj Mahal is the epitome of all his creations. The masterpiece is the symbol of Shah Jahan's love for Mumtaz Mahal. It was love at first sight when caught a glimpse of her while he was at the private market attached to the harem, Meena Bazaar. After five years of courting he married her in 1612. During their 19 years of marriage they were blessed with 14 children. And Mumtaz Mahal's demise was due to her fourteenth childbirth at the Deccan. On her death bed she asked Shah Jahan to build a symbol of love and it took over 22 years to fulfill her wish. today TajMahal is one of the Seven Wonders of The World.

Passion for Architecture :

Shah Jahan's passion for architecture was fascinating. Since his teenage he commenced the reformation of old monumnets and the construction of new ones. All the projects were lavishly supplemented with funds in order to deliver the best results. The legendary architectural array constitutes of first and foremost the Taj Mahal and later the Pearl Mosque, Masjid-i-Jahan Numa also known as Jama Masjid (situated in Delhi). The Red Fort in Old Delhi is reminiscent of a new capital Shahjanabad built by him. His fabled ?peacock throne?was on ceremonial display during his reign. The Shalimar Gardens, several sections of Shahi Quila, the Jahangir Masoleulm at Lahore and the Black Pavilion (Shalimar Bagh) at Srinagar were also built by him. A typical belnd of Persian palatial sophistication and Hindu engineering knowledge is constantly visible in his architecture.

The Fall of the Ruthless Emperor :

The both extremes of the red stone plinth of Taj Mahal shroud two sunked doors. These doors are completely sealed to block the access to the basement corridors. This is very strange since the seventeen basement corridors alongside river Yamuna are explored with profound amusement. The sources of this amusement are the beautiful paintings that adorn these corridors. But the compelled prohibition strengthens the belief that a third set of graves exists in Taj Mahal. It is a custom that has also been identified in the tomb of Iltutmish at Delhi, the tomb of Akbar and the tombs Itmad-ud-Daula and Chinni-ka-Rauza at Agra. There are three tombstones, one on the grave and two as cenotaphs.

The existence of these graves has been shrouded in mystery due to inaccessible basement corridors and the prohibition imposed by the same in imploring the truth. Nevertheless the mystery is a major concern for both the tourists and the natives.

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