The Taj Mahotsav

The most awaited time of the year for Agra is the month of February. In this month the city plays host to a ten day long festival celebrating the marble marvel Taj Mahal. This festival is known as Taj Mahotsav and is a major attraction for tourists from all over the world. It is held at Shiplgram near Taj Mahal.

Each and every visitor can revel in the colourful and picturesque display of Indian arts and handicrafts. The splendor is further enhanced by the traditional dance performances and an opportunity to savour authentic native cuisine in the springtime. A glimpse of the glory and magnanimous lifestyle of the Mughals is provided by this festival. Spectacular procession commence the Taj Mahotsav, which includes bedecked elephants and camels, drum beaters, folk artists and master craftsmen.

Major Attractions :

Art & Culture : A joyous and exciting environment invites one and all to participate in the spirit of this festival. The folk artists, musicians, dramatics contribute majorly in recreating this moment. The cultural performances that one should look forward to are an open-air dance-drama presented by folk artists of Maharashtra besides the folk performances such as bundelkhand, kalbelia  and sapera (snake dance) dances native to Rajasthan. Shayari or poetry recitation with a touch of melodious rhythm.

The Crafts Mela : Proficient craftsmen and artisans from all over India collate under one roof at the Taj Mahotsav. This one stop shopping paradise gives you an opportunity to appreciate and buy their exquisite artworks such as handicrafts, antiques, woodwork and ivorywork. Each artisan brings forth a craft native to his state such as intricate wood carvings from Saharanpur, brass and metal-ware from Moradabad, handmade carpets from Badohi, the famous blue pottery from Khurja, the chikan work from Lucknow, the silk from Banares and the exqusite marble inlay native to Agra.

Cuisine : A major attraction of the Taj Mahotsav is the huge array of cuisine on offer. The food is a reflection of the indulgence and finess of the erstwhile Mughals. Each and every delicacy is prepared by a Chef who is renowed for that single dish. the overpowering aroma of various spices and herbs tastefully mingled to create a taste to transcend you to heaven. special emphasis is laid on using only the traditional mehtod and procedures to prepare the food in order to ensure its authenticity. Besides relishing the numerous kebabs, curries, biryanis and savoury sweets you can also indulge in vegetarian delights of Varanasi.

We at India Divine Tours wish that you may enjoy each and every moment while visiting the Taj Mahotsav and so we cater with our services to transcend you to the era of Mughal Dynasty in all its splendour.

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